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The DiNunzio Brothers are a hiphop based music group primarly consisting of the two brothers FO&Age. Born and raised in the Pacfic North West in the lower mainland of Vancouver, Canada.  The sons of immigrant parents from Italy. Music was there passion with a love of early hiphop.  Heavily influenced by groups like Public Enemy, NWA, The Beastie Boys, and Rage Against the Machine. Their messages of frustration with the social injustice, and a obvious corrupt system were greatly felt by both the brothers.  Age+Fo’s music carry much of the same type of social undertones with conscious lyrics over hiphop and some rock infused beats. The album is called TrueCore and they say it has evolved 25years in the making... but the time has come! Truth and freedom are acouple words they used to describe this Album. They hope to use there music as a vehicle to strengthen their community, and spread awareness for social change around the globe.


They are not newbie’s to the music game by no means launching DoubleUp Records in 1998, producing and releasing albums with Checkmate and Concise receiving multiple Juno nominations. With the intentions from the birth of DoubleUp Records was to put out there own music, finally...watchout cause here it comes, get ready for the Revolution and its called TRUECORE!

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